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This is a biographical index of people encountered by Boswell throughout his life. It is sorted by last name/family name. Royal families, nobles and other people designated by a geographical area (using German von, Dutch van and English of) are listed under their respective domains, ie. Prussia, Saxony, Bassewitz, etc. Please use the search field above to search for possible aliases and other information, in case you don't find what you seek in the alphabetical listing.

A (26) B (51) C (54) D (58) E (16) F (21) G (36) H (40) I (2) J (9) K (13) L (15) M (85) N (9) O (9) P (13) Q (2) R (22) S (62) T (18) U (1) V (5) W (21) Y (2)
Isabella Dallas
David Dalrymple
William Dance
Nathaniel Dance
Robert Darcy
Thomas Davies
Marie-Charlotte Hippolyte de Campet de Saujon
Johann Salvemini de Castillon
Henri Alexandre de Catt
Marianne de Chesne
Joseph du Fresne de Francheville
Denis-Daniel de Froment
Emet-Ulla de Froment
Charles de Guiffardière
Henrietta de Maleprade-Visscher
Elisabeth Agnès Jacoba de Nassau La-Lecq
Cornelius de Perponcher-Sedlnitzky
Jean Christophe Guillaume de Rham
Emerich de Vattel
Jacoba Helena de Vicq
Daniel Adrien le Leu de Wilhem
Jean Dempster
George Dempster
Samuel Derrick
des Essar
Filippo Antonio Pasquale di Paoli
Cluer Dicey
John Dick
Alexander Dick
West Digges
Edward Dilly
Charles Dilly
Mrs. Dodds
Robert Dodsley
James Dodsley
Peggy Doig
Alexander Donaldson
John Donaldson
Charles Douglas
Catherine Douglas
Margaret Douglas
Andrew Douglas
Archibald James Edward Douglas
George Douglas
Archibald Douglas
William Douglas
William Douglas
Mary Douglas
William Douglas
Charles Douglas
John Douglas
George Drummond
Agatha Drummond
John Dun
James Dunbar
Robert Dundas
Henrietta Dundas
Aarnoud Joost van der Duyn

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