Denis-Daniel de Froment

Personal data
Denis-Daniel de Froment
in Uzès, Languedoc

Died 1810

A Huguenot Frenchman who in 1763 married Emet-Ulla. They divorced in 1765, and Froment continued to live on an annual pension of £800 paid to him by Emet-Ulla's adopted father, Lord Marischal.

He had been in the Regiment di Monfort in the service of Sardinia until March 1763.

Life with Boswell

Boswell first met Froment, the husband of his travelling companion from Utrecht to Berlin, Emet-Ulla, in Berlin on July 5, 1764. He described him as "a lively Frenchman, pretty much mellowed.". Boswell and Froment stayed within a short distance of each other during Boswell's Berlin stay, and they often dined together.