Marie-Charlotte Hippolyte de Campet de Saujon

Personal data
Marie-Charlotte Hippolyte de Campet de Saujon
Born 1724
Died 1800
Countess of Boufflers-Rouverel

Married (1746) to Édouard de Boufflers-Rouverel (d. 1763), Marquis de Boufflers. Mother of Louis Edouard. Mistress of Louis François I de Bourbon, Prince of Conti.

She was a friend and correspondent of several literary, musical and philosophical figures of mid-18th century Europe, including Jean-Jacques Rosseau, d'Alembert, Mozart, and, from 1761, David Hume, and she was generally considered "one of the greatest ladies of eighteenth-century France, famous for her beauty and intelligence."1

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Life with Boswell

Boswell went with Count Boufflers to visit the Countess (the Count's mother) on June 6, 1764.