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This is a biographical index of people encountered by Boswell throughout his life. It is sorted by last name/family name. Royal families, nobles and other people designated by a geographical area (using German von, Dutch van and English of) are listed under their respective domains, ie. Prussia, Saxony, Bassewitz, etc. Please use the search field above to search for possible aliases and other information, in case you don't find what you seek in the alphabetical listing.

A (26) B (51) C (54) D (58) E (16) F (21) G (36) H (40) I (2) J (9) K (13) L (15) M (86) N (9) O (9) P (13) Q (2) R (22) S (62) T (18) U (1) V (5) W (21) Y (2)
Hendrik Fagel
William Augustus Fawkener
Joseph Ferguson
James Ferguson
Adam Ferguson
James Ferguson
Patrick Ferguson
George Fern
Jean Baptiste Feronce von Rotencreutz
William Flexney
Jan Nicolaas Floris
Frances Floyer
George Talbot Hatley Foote
William Forbes
Alexander Fordyce
James Fordyce
Johann Heinrich Samuel Formey
Sally Forrester
Friedrich Karl von Forster
Alexander Fraser
George Frazer