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This is a biographical index of people encountered by Boswell throughout his life. It is sorted by last name/family name. Royal families, nobles and other people designated by a geographical area (using German von, Dutch van and English of) are listed under their respective domains, ie. Prussia, Saxony, Bassewitz, etc. Please use the search field above to search for possible aliases and other information, in case you don't find what you seek in the alphabetical listing.

A (26) B (51) C (54) D (58) E (16) F (21) G (36) H (40) I (2) J (9) K (13) L (15) M (86) N (9) O (9) P (13) Q (2) R (22) S (62) T (18) U (1) V (5) W (21) Y (2)
Michael Ramsay
Arend Willem de Ginkel van Reede
Maria Frederica van Reede
John Reid
Joshua Reynolds
Pieter Hendrik Reynst
Willem Bentinck van Rhoon
Robert Richardson
James Riddoch
Joseph Ritter
Antonio Rivarola
Robert Cunninghame-Graham
William Robertson
James Robertson
Thomas Robinson
Johann Bartholomaeus Rogler
James Rose
John Ross
William Rouet
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Gerhard Christiaan Rücker