James Boswell


Do you want to learn about some of the many people, James Boswell met throughout his eventful life? Have you read about someone in his journals, who you want to know more about? Have a look at our biographical index of 450+ people from James Boswell's own life.


There has been published literally hundreds of thousands of pages by or about James Boswell. Some volumes contain his journals and letters, some are academic studies dealing with certain aspects of his life, and some are modern biographies about the great biographer himself. You can find them in our bibliographical index of Boswellian literature


James Boswell has inspired thousands of scholars, authors, collectors and historians to study and write about him, about his life (as well as his Life) and about the 18th century in general. You can read about some of the most illustrious of these in our index of Boswellians.