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Personal data
Jean Christophe Guillaume de Rham

Died 1733
John Christopher William de Rham

A short-sighted German, who lived in Utrecht and Leyden for a large part of his adult life.  In 1774 he married Margaret Susanna Kinloch, sister-in-law of the Minister of the English church at Utrecht, Robert Brown. The couple relocated to the Swiss town of Yverdon in 1782 in order to be closer to Margaret's family.

One of their sons was Henry-Casimir de Rham (1785-1873) who in 1803 left Europe for New York, where he became the Swiss consul to the United States in 1822.1

Life with Boswell

Boswell mentions Rham at least one time in his memos for the spring of 1764. On March 29 of that year, the English society in Utrecht, of which Boswell was a member, met at Rahm's. Rham was also mentioned in an anecdote in Boswell's own Boswelliana - the anecdote was not included in the original published version (1874), but is quoted in a footnote in Boswell in Holland for April 1, 1764.


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