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This is a biographical index of people encountered by Boswell throughout his life. It is sorted by last name/family name. Royal families, nobles and other people designated by a geographical area (using German von, Dutch van and English of) are listed under their respective domains, ie. Prussia, Saxony, Bassewitz, etc. Please use the search field above to search for possible aliases and other information, in case you don't find what you seek in the alphabetical listing.

A (26) B (51) C (54) D (58) E (16) F (21) G (36) H (40) I (2) J (9) K (13) L (15) M (86) N (9) O (9) P (13) Q (2) R (22) S (62) T (18) U (1) V (5) W (21) Y (2)
Hugh Barron
Henning Adam von Bassewitz
John Beard
James Beattie
Friedrich Ehrenreich Behmer
Karl Andreas Bel
Johann August von Benkendorf
Thomas Benson
Christian Frederick Anthony Bentick
Georg Heinrich von Berenhorst
Thomas Blacklock
John Blair
Hugh Blair
Johan Mikael Blanc
James Blinshall
Gijsbertus Bonnet
William Bosville
Elizabeth Diana Bosville
James Boswell
James Boswell
John Boswell
John Boswell
Thomas David Boswell
David Boswell
Veronica Boswell
Alexander Boswell
Mademoiselles Bottestein
Louis-Édouard Boufflers-Rouverel
George Box
Edward Boyd
Charles Boyd
John Brewse
Robert Brown
Alexander Brown
John Brown
Alexander Bruce
Euphemia Bruce
James Bruce
Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand
Elizabeth Christine of Brunswick-Bevern
Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Lüneburg
Charles I of Brunswick-Lüneburg and Wolfenbüttel
Augusta Dorothea of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel
Ferdinand of Brunswick-Lüneburg
Menie Buchanan
Juliana Francisca von Buchwald
Edmund Burke
Alexander Burnett
James Burnett
William Butter