Sally Forrester


Boswell's first love in London in 1760. He tried to find her in her former lodgings at The Blue Periwig (in Pall Mall?) on November 21, 1762, but he was informed that the former owners had died, and could get no information on her whereabouts.

The next year, on June 11, 1763, while watching a horse riding act in Chelsea, he spotted her among the audience and spoke to her. She was now married to a Scottish officer, Capt. Peter Grant, but agreed to let him visit her in her friend Mrs Tredwell's house. This cheered him up, and he described it as a happy and special occasion.

In his journal, Boswell referred to her as his "Paphian Queen and first Lady of Venus's Bedchamber". Peter Martin, in his 2000 biography of Boswell, refers to "Boswell's memorable visit to his first prostitute, Sally Forrester" (p. 69).