Thomas Benson

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Son of John Benson. Married (1752) to Jane Fletcher (1734-1760) with whom he had two children, Thomas and Margaret.1 His estate was Wreay Hall near Carlisle. 

Benson was a steward to the Duke of Portland and acted as his agent in Cumbria.


  • 1. Their son Thomas (1758-1825) succeeded to the estate of Wreay Hall and in 1814 was appointed High Sheriff of Cumberland. He died without issue, and Wreay Hall passed to his cousin, John Philip Fletcher (1815-1905). Their daughter, Margaret, married Robert Harrington (1751-1837), a doctor of medicine.
Life with Boswell

Boswell met Benson at Springkell on October 11, 1762, describing him as "a genteel, sensible man who has an estate in Cumberland and is a steward to the Duke of Portland".