Henning Adam von Bassewitz

Personal data
Born 1731
Died December 17, 1770
Monsieur de Bassewitz

Baron and sometime Lord Chamberlain to Karl I, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg.1 Bassewitz was also a translator, who was the first to translate George Lillo's The Merchant of London into German (as Der Kaufmann von London), although he appears to have translated it from a previous French translation rather than from Lillo's original in English.2

Bassewitz was almost certainly a close relation of Lütke Cuno Wolfradt von Bassewitz (1728-1796), Hauptmann of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, son of Ludolph Friedrich von Bassewitz and Magdalene Sybille.

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Life with Boswell

Boswell visited Bassewitz, then Lord Chamberlain, upon his return to Brunswick on August 8, 1764.