Col. John MacLeod of Talisker

Personal data
John MacLeod
Born 1714
Died 1798
4th of Talisker

Son of Donald Macleod, 3rd of Talisker, and Christiana, daughter of John Macleod of Contullich. Married twice, firstly to Florence Maclean, a daughter of Hector Macleon of Coll, and secondly to Christian Mackay, daughter of John Mackay of Inverness. He died in 1800 without surviving issue, and he was succeeded as representative of the family by his brother, Magnus. Another brother was Roderick Macleod, sometime principal of King's College in Aberdeen.

John Macleod was brought up in the medical profession, but in 1745 joined one of the Independent Companies raised in that year by his Chief, Norman Macleod, 19th of Macleod. It was he who, in the following year, arrested Flora Macdonald for the noble part she had taken in securing the escape of Prince Charles from the Western Isles, after the battle of Culloden.1

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Life with Boswell

Boswell and Dr Johnson met Col. Macleod at Raasay on September 8, 1773. They had met his brother, Professor Roderick Macleod, in Aberdeen a few weeks earlier.