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Picture of King's College Chapel at the University of Aberdeen

Aberdeen, located on the North Sea in the North East of Scotland, is one of the oldest cities in Scotland, the area having been continuously inhabited for more than 8,000 years. It is today the 3rd largest city in Scotland, and has for many years been the primary center of learning and economy north of Edinburgh and Glasgow. Historically known for its famous granite quarry, it emerged as a center for oil industry in the 1970s. 

Boswell and Dr Johnson visited Aberdeen for a few days in August 1773. During their stay there, they met with several professors of the University of Aberdeen, including Johnson's old acquaintance, Sir Alexander Gordon, who was then Professor of Medicine at the university's King's College. The image shows King's College Chapel, one of the oldest preserved parts of the university. 

If you want to visit Aberdeen, Aberdeen Airport is well-connected to many cities in the UK and Scandinavia. You can also get a direct train from Edinburgh, taking about 2h45m. Aberdeen also has a lot of different options for accommodation in all price ranges.

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