Thomas Gordon - Professor of Humanity at Aberdeen

Personal data
Born 1714
Died March 11, 1797
Professor Gordon

Professor at the University of Aberdeen. Son of George Gordon, sometime Professor of Hebrew.

Gordon completed his undergraduate studiesĀ in 1731, and in 1739 was appointed Professor of Humanity at King's College, Aberdeen. Shortly before his death in 1797 he even became Professor of Greek. In 1783 he was one of the co-founders of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Gordon was the grandfather (by his eldest child, Elizabeth) of philosopher Robert Eden Scott (1770-1811), who also held a number of posts at King's College.

Life with Boswell

Upon his arrival with Dr Johnson in Aberdeen in the evening of August 21, 1773, Boswell sent a message to Prof. Gordon, who came and breakfasted with them. They went together to the English chapel, which Boswell described as "a respectable congregation, [with] an amirable organ." After this, they walked to the shore together, and Gordon appears to have spent most of the day accompanying them around the town.