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Personal data
Giovanni Federico Corsica
Johann Friedrich Corsica

Sometime restaurateur. In 1764 he founded a garden restaurant in the Tiergarten in Berlin.

According to Boswell on the Grand Tour I, quoting the diary of Count E. A. H. Lehndorff, "A burgher of Berlin by the name of Corsica has bought the garden of Oemcken the bankrupt [in the Tiergarten] and serves supper there for all comers with great neatness of table-furnishing and china. All the people of superior rank go, and the rich burghers as well." The garden and restaurant were still operated by Corsica in 1785 when the publisher and bookseller Friedrich Nicolai is reported to have celebrated his silver wedding there.

In Berlin was born August C. Casino Corsica (b. 1760) and Ernestine Elisabeth Corsica (b. 1751). They are in all likelihood close relatives (children?) of the restaurateur mentioned by Boswell.


Life with Boswell

On July 26, 1764, Boswell went with F. L. Kircheisen and C. F. Hübner to "the Garden of Corsica, a kind of little Vauxhall, and indeed a very little one. We supped and drank cherry wine, which I found delicious."