Friedrich Leopold Kircheisen

Personal data
Born June 28, 1749
in Berlin

Died March 18, 1825
in Berlin
Friedrich Leopold von Kircheisen

Son of Karl David Kircheisen. Like his father, Kircheisen sought political office, and eventually succeeded to the post of Prussian Minister of Justice and even Prime Minister (1814-?).

The von was added to his name upon his ennoblement in 1798.

Life with Boswell

Boswell met young Kircheisen when, on July 9, 1764, he took lodgings in the house of the Kircheisen's. His first impression was that young Kircheisen was lively. They saw a lot more of each other for the duration of Boswell's stay in Berlin. On July 26, Boswell and Kircheisen went with C. F. Hübner to the Garden of Corsica.