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Personal data
Flora MacLeod

Died August, 1780
at Hope Park near Edinburgh
Flora Raasay
Flora Mure Campbell of Rowallan

Daughter of John MacLeod, 11th of Raasay, and Jane Macqueen. She married James Mure Campbell of Rowallan (1726-1786) but died in 1780 shortly after the birth of their only surviving child, also named Flora (1780-1840). James succeeded to the title of 5th Earl of Loudoun in 1782, but himself died in 1786, leaving behind the young Flora, then aged six, who became 6th Countess of Loudoun.

Life with Boswell

Boswell and Dr Johnson met Flora during their stay on Raasay in September 1773. Boswell described her as "an elegant woman (tall, genteel, a pretty face), sensible, polite, and good-humoured" and also noted that "[s]he alone [of the children of John MacLeod] has been at Edinburgh."

A few years later, on June 9, 1777, Boswell wrote to Johnson about the marriage between Flora and Colonel Mure Campbell, who had his own estate in Ayrshire:

You will rejoice to hear that Miss Macleod, of Rasay, is married to Colonel Mure Campbell, an excellent man, with a pretty good estate of his own, and the prospect of having the Earl of Loudoun's fortune and honours. Is not this a noble lot for our fair Hebridean? How happy am I that she is to be in Ayrshire. We shall have the Laird of Rasay, and old Malcolm, and I know not how many gallant Macleods, and bagpipes, &c. &c. at Auchinleck. Perhaps you may meet them all there.1