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Personal data
John MacLeod
Born 1714
Died 1786
11th of Raasay

11th Laird of Raasay. Son of Malcolm Macleod (1695-1761), 10th of Raasay, and Mary Mackenzie, a daughter of Alexander Mackenzie of Applecross. Married to Jane Macqueen of Rigg, with whom he had at least 12 children. He was succeeded as Laird by his eldest son, James.

Life with Boswell

Boswell and Dr Johnson were greeted by Macleod and his large family as they arrived on Raasay on September 8, 1773. The travelling companions were both exceedingly happy with their reception and the general hospitality extended to them during their stay at Raasay, and Macleod - or Raasay, as he was known and referred to - received much praise by them both in their respective accounts of their journey.

Raasay and a few of his kinsmen joined Boswell and Johnson on the boat as they departed Raasay again on September 12, sailing to Portree on Skye. There, Boswell, Raasay and some of the others visited an emigrant ship, Nestor, that was lying in the harbour. They later dined at the local inn, before parting ways "with cordial embraces [...] hoping to see them again."