Duncan Stewart - 6th of Ardsheal

Duncan Stewart

Born 1732
Died 1793 at Appin, Argyll, Scotland


6th of Ardsheal


6th of Ardsheal. 10th Chief of Clan Appin. Son of Charles Stewart, 5th of Ardsheal. Married Anne Irving (1740-1802) in 1767. Duncan and Anne had ca. 10 children.

In november 1762 he was on his way to receive orders from the East Indian company. It seems that he relocated to Boston, Massachussets a few years later. He married his wife Anne Irving in Boston in 1767, and a couple of portraits of the two (painted 1767 in Boston by John Singleton Copley) are currently in the possesion of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

Stewart appears to have been Collector of Customs in New London, Connecticut in the mid 1770s and on Bermuda in the mid 1780s, having been back in England in between.

Life with Boswell: 

[see comment below by James J. Caudle]

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The Stewart who travelled

The Stewart who travelled with JB towards London was not Duncan, but rather Duncan's brother Alexander (d. 1769), whose service in the East India Company ships is documented in Farrington, A Biographical Index of East India Company Maritime Service Officers.  He was misidentified in Boswell's London Journal, p. 368, but a subsequent letter to Frederick Pottle from T.H. Morton Baker, 18 June, 31 July 1971, pointed out the error. Gordon Turnbull's new reading edition of the London Journal for Penguin Classics rectifies this error. However, the picture of Duncan offers the reader of the London Journal a general idea of what Alexander must have looked like.
                  ---- James J. Caudle, 16 May 2011