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Sep 08, 2014

BAFTA award winning actor Steve Coogan has signed on to play James Boswell in a movie adaption of the West End play "Boswell for the Defence". "Boswell For The Defence" (not to be confused with the journal volume of the same name) tells the true story of how James Boswell, in the twilight of his career and life, takes on an impossible case – to save the life of the convict Mary Bryant from the...Read more

Jun 01, 2014

We have made an effort to get up-to-date with general technological development recently. This has now culminated with a new site design which is "responsive", meaning that it adjusts itself more beautifully to any scren size including mobile units. We have also created a Facebook-page, which you can "Like" to keep in touch with new developments on jamesboswell.info. Please visit - and like - our...Read more

May 21, 2013

The 218th anniversary of the death of James Boswell was commemorated by a small ceremony at the Boswell mausoleum in Auchinleck Churchyard in the morning of May 19, 2013. Speakers included Dr. Gordon Turnbull (general editor of the Yale Boswell editions), James Knox (chairman of the Boswell Trust) and Jim Todd (Provost of East Ayrshire). The Boswell Mausoleum (right) is situated in the old...Read more