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Following almost a year of making edits, software updates and content additions, jamesboswell.info is finally fully functional once more and well-prepared for the future.

Earlier this year, Mike Collier, a British-born author based for some years in the Baltic country of Latvia, published "Up The Baltick" - a journal of Boswell and Johnson's hitherto unknown journey through the Baltic countries in 1778.

I recently received a mail from a site visitor, who had discovered from Boswell's original birth certificate that he was actually born on October 18, 1740, and not on October 29, 1740, as is generally thought. There is, however, a perfectly good explanation for this apparent discrepancy.

The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, in cooperation with the University of Glasgow, has made the entire collection of the consultation letters of renowned 18th century Edinburgh physician Dr William Cullen available online. One such letter was written by Boswell requesting medical advice for his friend Dr Johnson shortly before Johnson's death in 1784.

The French ensemble Le Théâtre des Trois Couleurs is currently planning a series of performances of their new play L'Anglais et le Philosophe (the Englishman and the Philosopher) in June 2015.

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