Remarkable scene recorded in Dr. Burney's memoirs

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Remarkable scene recorded in Dr. Burney's memoirs

I recently found a journal entry describing the first impressions of Frances Burney toward JB that I had not known had existed. It is not recorded in the "Life", or in Boswell's journal.
(Memoirs of Dr. Burney 1832, ii pp 190-196) Pretty strong stuff, and, and a pretty negative depiction of Boswell's personality, but that being said it is a picture so richly painted that it would have been something that Boswell would have loved if it had been about someone ELSE!
Take a look if you are not already familiar with this scene (a dinner at Streatham) and I would be curious to hear your thoughts.

Greg Wallach (not verified)
remarkable scene recorded in Dr. Burney's memoirs

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