George Frazer - Deputy-auditor of Excise

George Frazer

Born ca. 1701
Died Oct 12, 1774


Deputy-auditor of excise in Edinburgh. He had at least two children, one of whom, Andrew, was sometime commissary at Dunkirk, France.1 Possibly married to Christian Paterson.

Life with Boswell: 

Boswell mentions Frazer in his journal as early as October 28, 1762, when Boswell had breakfast at Frazer's home in Edinburgh. On January 12, 1767 Frazer dined with Boswell, and on January 20, 1768 "Mr. George Frazer and Mr. Orme drank tea and claret with me, consulting on a plan for Lochmaben manse."1 He is mentioned in the journals occasionally until his death on October 12, 1774, which Boswell described as "a striking circumstance to me, as I had known him long, and liked him much".2 Boswell describes all their meetings as pleasant.