Biographies of the people in Boswell's life

One of the amazing things about Boswell's journals is the sheer amount of persons that he met and described. Some are still famous, some forgotten and some have never been known to the public outside of their own narrow circles. This is an evolving catalogue of those people. Until now, more than 90% of the persons encountered in Journal of my Jaunt, Boswell's London Journal and Boswell in Holland are included, and work is under way for the journal of his German and Swiss travels.
Titlesort ascending
David Malloch - Author of Elvira
David Longueville
David Hume - philosopher and historian
David Garrick - Actor-manager of Drury Lane Theatre
David Erskine - Lord Cardross - Earl of Buchan
David Dalrymple - Lord Hailes
David Boswell - Son of the Biographer
Daniel Adrien le Leu de Wilhem - Herr van Besoyen
Cuno Burchard von Pless
Cornelius de Perponcher-Sedlnitzky
Colonel Scott
Cluer Dicey - Printer of Chapbooks
Christoph Dietrich von Keller
Christian Heron
Christian Heinrich Trotz - Professor of Civil Law
Christian Georg von Helmoldt - Chamberlain of Saxe-Gotha
Christian Fürchtegott Gellert - Professor of Poetry
Christian Frederick Anthony Bentick
Chase Price - MP for Leominster and Radnorshire
Charlotte Mary Greville - Lady Garlies
Charles Pierre Chais
Charles Marie de la Condamine
Charles I of Brunswick-Lüneburg and Wolfenbüttel
Charles Hope - Lord Hope
Charles Gordon
Charles Douglas of Breconwhat
Charles Douglas - 3rd Duke of Queensberry
Charles Dilly - Publisher and Bookseller
Charles de Guiffardière
Charles Crookshanks
Charles Churchill
Charles Asgill - 1st Baronet Asgill
Catherine Stewart
Catherine Maxwell
Catherine Gilpin
Catherine Douglas - Butter
Catherine Cochrane - Lady Galloway
Catherina Elisabeth Wilhelmina van Nassau-LaLecq
Catherina Elisabeth Hasselaer - Madame Geelvinck
Catharina Johanna Mossel - Madame d'Amerongen
Caterina Maria Therese di San Gillio - Madame St. Gilles
Caroline Kircheisen
Carl von Quanten
Carl Friedrich Hübner
Carl Christian Joseph of Saxony - Duke of Courland
Captain Scott
Captain O'Grady
Bruce Campbell of Milrig, Mayfield and Hillhouse
Bonnell Thornton - Publisher of The Connoisseur