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Terry Seymour

Terry Seymour is an independent scholar specialising in bibliographical topics. 

Boswellian impact

Terry Seymour's 2016 Boswell's Books is a unique history of the library of the Boswells. The more than 4,500 entries each represents a single title, and the book documents not only James Boswell's library, but also that of his father, grandfather and two sons. 

On December 14, 2013, Seymour laid the wreath on Dr Johnson’s grave in Westminster Abbey at the Johnson Society’s annual commemoration. He has also addressed the Boswell Society and has been published in the Johnsonian Newsletter.

As of March 2019, Seymour is compiling a census of the first edition of the Life of Johnson. If you have any particular knowledge about the original owners of the first edition, or if you know any of the current owners, you are very welcome to get in touch with Terry Seymour, either directly or by writing an e-mail to the webmaster of this site ( Requests for privacy are respected at all times.


Books by author

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