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Boswell's Books: Four Generations of Collecting and Collectors


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Boswell's Books contain more than 4,500 entries, each one representing a title, and it documents not only James Boswell's library, but also that of his father, grandfather and two sons. The books of these four generations were inherited and shared within the family to such an extent that the Auchinleck library must be studied in its entirety.

The Preface is by James J. Caudle, Associate Editor of the Boswell Editions at Yale, and the extensive introduction narrates the history and migration of the Boswell library from the 14th century until the present day. 

Boswell's Books is illustrated with many Boswell ownership inscriptions, all the known book stamps used by the Boswell family, a family portrait never before published, and bookplates of prominent Boswell collectors and members of his circle.