Nathaniel Gould - Colonel

Personal data
Nathaniel Gould
Date of birth (prefix)
Born 1730
Died November 12, 1786
Colonel Gould

Married (1752) to Frances Mary Buckworth (d. 1759). Married (1759) to Elizabeth Cochrane, Boswell's mother's cousin. He had two children from his first marriage, Fanny (b. ca. 1755, d. 1832) and Buckley (possibly b. 1752 in Weston, Somerset, d. 1827).1

He entered the 3rd Regiment of the Guards in 1749 and remained in that regiment until 1766 when he retired with the rank of Lt-Colonel.

According to Boswell, Lt-Col Gould participated in the Affair of St. Cast.2

  • 1 Fanny Gould married Lt-Gen Charles Horneck in Bath in 1790, and later, in 1812, the poet Rev. Thomas Sedgwick Whalley (1746-1828). According to one source, she "was of extravagant habits, and came to him in debt to the extent of some thousands, for which he found himself responsible" (Knapp, Oswald G. (1914). The Intimate Letters of Hester Piozzi and Penelope Pennington, 1788-1821. p. 281)
  • 2 London Journal, December 3, 1762
Life with Boswell

Boswell first met Nathaniel Gould on December 03, 1762. During the following months he often dined with the Goulds, and enjoyed their company. Boswell especially seems to have taken a liking to the Colonel, and on January 8, 1763 mentioned the Colonel's charming indolence in his journal.