Elizabeth Gould

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Elizabeth Gould
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Died February 11, 1799
Elizabeth Cochrane
Betty Cochrane

Youngest daughter of Col. James Cochrane of Ochiltree and Culross (1690-1758) and Margaret Hawkison. Boswell's mother's cousin. Married (1759) to Nathaniel Gould. Earlier marriage (1750) to Henry Carey Hamilton (b. ca. 1708) of Holycross. One of her sisters was Mary Ann Cochrane (d. 1780) who married Dublin attorney Robert Sibthorpe.1

Mrs. Gould's father, James Cochrane, was the brother of Boswell's maternal grandmother, Euphemia Cochrane.

  • 1Research info: According to an entry on FamilySearch, a Betty Cochrane, married to a Nathaniel Gould, died on February 11th, 1799. This person was supposedly born in Weston, Somerset (see Nathaniel Gould for more on this) in 1735. This doesn't fit in with other dates, such as her marriage in 1750 to Henry Hamilton, but information in the database sometimes is way off, and it does seem to fit other available information about Mr. Gould, so it is probable that Betty Cochrane, Mrs. Gould, the cousin of Euphemia Boswell, died in 1799, which was also the opinion of the editors of the general correspondence 1766-1769 (vol. 2), which was published in 1997 (p. 213, note 8). This volume also gives her year of birth as 1735, but the sources are a bit unclear, and it would make her only 15 years old at the time of her first marriage.
Life with Boswell

Boswell first went to visit the Goulds, whom he had not previously met despite the family relation between Mrs. Gould and himself, on December 2, 1762 in London. During the next months, he often dined with them and enjoyed their company. Even so, on January 6, 1763, Mrs. Gould (jokingly) blamed Boswell for not visiting them more often. Paradoxically, Lady Betty Macfarlane had, the day before, jokingly said of Boswell that "his weakness is that he would prefer Mrs. Gould's to this [the company of Macfarlane and her family]".