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Personal data
Janet MacLeod

Second wife of Malcolm Macleod (1695-1761), 10th of Raasay, with whom she had at least six sons and two daughers, including Charles MacLeod and Malcolm MacLeod (d. 1832), who became minister of Snizort. She was the daughter of a crofter tenant.1

According to tradition, she was "a flirtatiuous maidservant in Raasay House" with whom Malmcolm Macleod had contracted an irregular marriage, that was later legalised. Following his death, she was given a small house by the family's old seat in the village of Clachan.

  • 1Cf. The History of the Macleods by Alexander Mackenzie
Life with Boswell

Boswell met Janet MacLeod on Raasay on September 10, 1773, as he was taken to meet her at her house by her son Charles MacLeod. He described her as a "stout fresh-looking woman, very plainly dressed, [who] could not speak a word of English."