Captain Scott


Of the Scotts of Auchty-Donald, Aberdeenshire, a branch of the Scotts of Galashiels. Sometime Captain in the Prince of Prussia's regiment (he was in the regiment from about 1750 to at least 1764).

Life with Boswell

Boswell met him in Potsdam on July 12, 1764. He described him as "a worthy, plain, hearty Caledonian". Boswell and Macpherson dined and slept at Scott's place on that night, and they were "as content as human existence could allow".

Boswell dined and talked with Scott on several other occasions, whenever he was in Potsdam during that same summer, and in September even in Berlin. On September 11, Boswell wrote:

"Scott had taken it into his head to think of Mademoiselle Kircheisen for his wedded wife, though he had never seen her. I carried him and Macpherson to the President's to drink coffee. The highlander pleased much. But Scott not at all. Poor fellow! His manners are not taking. I must put his courting project far from him."