Personal data
Alexander MacLeod

Died 1784
Sandie Macleod
2nd of Muiravonside

Advocate. Son of John Macleod, 1st of Muiravonside, and Elizabeth Straiton. Married to a daughter of William Montgomerie of Macbeth Hill, but died without issue.

MacLeod was an aide-de-camp to Price Charles Edward Stuart in the Jacobite rebellion of 1745. He afterwards spent 18 years in exile, and only in 1778 he received a free pardon. 

Life with Boswell

Boswell and Dr Johnson met Sandie Macleod, as he was known, at Raasay on September 8, 1773. 

According to Boswell, "Sandie MacLeod, who has at times an excessive flow of spirits, was, in his days of absconding, known by the name of MacCruslick, which it seems was the designation of a kind of wild man in the Highlands, and so he was called here. He made much jovial noise, but was too violent for my nerves, though they are now pretty well stiffened. Mr Johnson was so delighted with this scene that he said, “I know not how we shall get away.”