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Full name
Colwyn Edward Vulliamy
Born June 20, 1886
Died September 04, 1971

Colwyn Edward Vulliamy, better known as just C. E. Vulliamy.

According to "His novels gently satirize British society and at times the conventions of detective fiction. [He was] best known for his novels and biographies of the era of Samuel Johnson, he also managed a military career during World War I, was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and a member of the Royal Anthropological Society, and was interested in field archaeology."

C. E. Vulliamy was married to Eileen Muriel Hynes (1886-1943), with whom he had two children, John Sebastian (1919-2007) and Patricia (1917-1987). One of his grandsons is Edward Sebastian Vulliamy (b. 1954), a journalist known for his coverage of the Balkan War. 

Boswellian impact

Vulliamy's primary claim to fame in Boswellian circles is his infamous and very critical biography titled just James Boswell, which was written just before the extent and contents of the private papers of James Boswell became fully known to a wider audience.

Books by author

The site contains further information about the following books authored or edited by C. E. Vulliamy: