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The Treasure of Auchinleck: The Story of the Boswell Papers


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In the Treasure of Auchinlcek, trained lawyer David Buchanan tells the story of the Boswell Papers, from their alleged disappearance and assumed destruction in the years immediately following Boswell's death to their rediscovery in the first half of the 20th century.

"a totally engrossing adventure story of the progressive discovery over half a century of the papers of James Boswell--and the greatest collection of literary sources ever assembled about a single man or a single period. Colonel Ralph Isham, a determined book collector non pareil, over a period of 21 years sacrificed his home, his marriage, his fortune, and much of his cherished collection of books in order to complete the archives."1


The Treasure of Auchinleck is out of print but usually available via AbeBooks.