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Ode to Tragedy by a Gentleman of Scotland
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Authored by Boswell, it was printed and published (anonymously) by Alexander Donaldson and J. Reid, Edinburgh, in November 1761. The poem consists of sixteen Spenserian stanzas, and was dedicated "To James BOSWELL, Esq." (i.e. by the author to the author).

The epistle dedicatory went as follows:

"The following ode which courts your acceptance is on a subject grave and solemn, and therefore may be considered by many people as not so well suited to your volatile disposition. But I, sir, who enjoy the pleasure of your intimate acquaintance, know that many of your hours of retirement are devoted to thought, and that you can as strongly relish the productions of a serious muse as the most brilliant sallies of sportive fancy.

(Source: Boswelliana, p. 19)

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