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The General Correspondence of James Boswell, 1757-1763
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This volume contains the bulk of the surviving letters between Boswell and his friends and acquaintances in his years as a young adult. It contains his correspondence with actor West Digges, his many exchanges with Andrew Erskine (which were published in an edited form by the two as early as 1763), as well as his early correspondence with Dr Johnson.

"Overall, these letters document Boswell's fluid experiments in selfhood as he ponders his life's future possible trajectories - as soldier, lawyer, wit, author, bon-vivant, Scots lairds, or M.P. - and records, and tests against other sensibilities, his fascination with the unfolding drama of his existence."1

  • 1According to the introduction in the cover.

The General Correspondence of James Boswell, 1757-1763 was first published in 2006 as the ninth instalment in the Research Series of correspondence in the Yale Boswell Editions. 


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