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The Correspondence and Other Papers of James Boswell Relating to the Making of the Life of Johnson


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The Correspondence and Other Papers Relating to the Making of the Life of Johnson is a substantial collection that provides a look into James Boswell's efforts over twenty years to gather as much information as possible about Samuel Johnson. The book features letters Boswell exchanged with a variety of people, including friends and experts, that enriched his understanding of his friend.

The current second edition of the volume, published in 2001, includes 21 letters that weren't available at the time of its initial publication in 1969. The correspondence illuminates Boswell's thorough research methods and gives an understanding of the decisions he made regarding what information to include or exclude in his portrayal of Johnson.

The annotations by Marshall Waingrow accompany the letters, providing further context. 


This volume is available in two editions. In 2001 was published a revised and expanded edition of the original 1969 edition.


Both editions are usually available via AbeBooks.