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Boswell: Citizen of the World, Man of Letters


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Commemorating the bicentennial of James Boswell's death, Lustig, an editor of the Yale Editions of the Private Papers of James Boswell (McGraw. o.p.), brings together 11 original essays by leading 18th-century scholars. The first six situate Boswell in the Enlightenment, examining his exposure to its major figures and ideas, especially on religion, art, and politics. They also attempt to assess their influence on his life as a writer, lawyer, and landlord. The remaining five essays focus specifically on the Life of Johnson and the role of the Enlightenment in shaping Boswell's artistry. In the spirit of Johnson and Boswell, the essays in this collection are sophisticated and articulate yet lucidly accessible. A delight to read and a valuable contribution both to literary scholars and historians of the period.