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    Front cover of Dr. Sam: Johnson, Detector by Lillian de la Torre
Long title
Dr. Sam: Johnson, Detector - Narrated as From the Pen of James Boswell
Year of 1st publication
Book description

Dr. Sam: Johnson, Detector is a collection of seven short stories featuring Dr Johnson as a Sherlock Holmes-like detective with Boswell as his Dr Watson-inspired sidekick. The stories are based, to some extent, on known historical mysteries, myths, or situations. The volume was succeeded by three further collections, making for a total of thirty-three detective stories. 

Stories included in Dr. Sam: Johnson, Detector are:

  • the Unmasking of the Flying Highwayman
  • the singular Episode of the Monboddo Ape Boy
  • the Recovery of Prince Charlie's vanisht Ruby
  • the stolen Christmas Box
  • the pilfer'd Great Seal of England
  • the Detection of the mysterious Visitant in Mincing Lane
  • the macabre Affair of the Wax-Work Cadaver