Hello! Is anyone here?

Submitted by Temple on Tue, 01/05/2010 - 20:27

Ummm, hello!  Don't tell me I'm the first poster!

Dear Temple.

You are and you are not the first poster on the site. The site has been online since 2004, but until last year it was based on custom-made software with limited possibilities for further development. This first incarnation of the site also had a forum with some activity. When we worked on moving all the information on the old site to a new one last summer, the historical forum posts unfortunately proved too difficult to move, which is why they are no longer available. The new forum on this site went online in late December 2009.

I hope this does not discourage you from using the forum or site alltogether. It often takes just a few users to create an interesting and lively forum.

Best wishes,


Anonymous (not verified)

Mon, 09/13/2010 - 06:41

Boswell well deserves renewed recognition. It is incredible to think the short shrift paid to him by contemporary society as a whole remains the meager beacon that it is. How can we raise increased attention to him?