Thomas Terrie - Boswell's landlord


Boswell's landlord in Downing Street, London (1762-63) and a fellow Scot, originally from Moray Shire. He worked at the Plantation Office, almost adjacent to his house in Downing Street. Married to a girl from Norwich, with no children. They had a maid, Molly, also from Norwich.

Life with Boswell

Boswell first rented a room with the Terries in Downing Street on Friday, November 26, 1762. Boswell and Mr Terrie seemed to get on well at first, and Boswell described the family very positively in his journal entry of December 12, 1762. Terrie even let Boswell stay in his rooms at a reduced rate. However, in July 1763 they had a falling-out, which included the calling of a Night Watchman. On July 7,  1763, Boswell moved from Downing Street to the chambers of his friend William Temple, who was moving to Cambridge that same morning.