Siegmund Carl von Thüngen - Court Marshal of Saxe-Gotha

Personal data
Born August 30, 1730
in Zeitlofs

Died February 19, 1800
in Wetzlar
Johann Siegmund Karl von Thüngen
Freiherr von Thüngen

A student of four years in Göttingen, he became a chamberlain in the service of Würzburg. In the 1760s he was a Court Marshal in Saxe-Gotha before in 1767 being called to the court of the Holy Roman Emperor, Joseph II, in Vienna. In 1772 he became president of the Imperial Chamber Court in Wetzlar.1

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Life with Boswell

Boswell met Thüngen, then Court Marshal at the Court of Saxe-Gotha, in Gotha on October 17, 1764. Boswell found him "a sensible polite man".