Ralph Carre


Son of John Carre of Cavers (1682-1746) and either Margaret Wauchope or Elizabeth Monteith. Brother of George Carre (1708-1766). Uncle of Agatha Drummond, Lady Kames.1

  • 1. Lady Kames' mother was half-sister to George Carre, Lord Nisbet.
Life with Boswell

Boswell met him at Kames on October 17, 1762, describing him as "an uncle of my Lady's (Lady Kames), who has been upwards of twenty years an attorney in London: a round man with a bob-wig and his coat buttoned, of manners plain and somewhat vulgar. I am told he is a very worthy man and very active in business. He is also called sensible, but I thought he spoke too much and too minutely, took too much snuff and raised too often a kind of an ale-house laugh".