Phillip Skene - General - 3rd of Pitlour

Personal data

Died June 22, 1788

3rd of Pitlour, son of David Skene of Pitlour and Jean Douglas of Strathendry (d. 1783). Brother of General Robert Skene and Capt. David Skene. Cousin (on his mother's side) of philosopher and economist Adam Smith.

Philip Skene died unmarried, having achieved the rank of General, and was succeeded by his five years old nephew, David (1783-1803).1

  • 1David was the son of Philip Skene's brother of the same name, who predeceased his older brother by only a few months. Their eldest brother, Robert, had died only the previous year. The younger David died while still a minor in Paris in 1803, and Pitlour succeeded to his paternal aunt, Helen Moncrieff (née Skene).
Life with Boswell

Boswell breakfasted with Skene (then a Colonel, possibly of the 69th foot regiment) in London on March 15, 1763.