Parravicini Mawhood

Personal data
Parravicini Mawhood
Born 1721
Captain Maud

Son of tea merchant Collett Mawhood (d. 1757/8)1 and Rebecca Toriano (d. 1762). His sister Mary (1720-1790) married the famous naturalist Alexander Russell (1715-1768).

Mawhood became a Cornet in the Royal Regiment of Horse Guards in 1751, a Lieutenant in 1754 and a Captain in 1759, before retiring from active duty in November 1764.

  • 1Collett Mawhood was a second cousin of the poet Alexander Pope.
Life with Boswell

Boswell mentions meeting a Captain Maud on December 28, 1762, at the Sheridan's. In the notes to Boswell's London Journal, Capt. Maud is identified as Captain Parravicini Mawhood.1

  • 1Footnote to entry for December 28, 1762.

In 1774, Mawhood published An Appeal to the Public Relative to a Cause Lately Determined in the Court of Chancery ; in Four Letters to Mr. John Vernon of Southampton-Buildings, Solicitor. It is available as print on demand via AbeBooks