Maria Jacoba Cornelia van Efferen

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Madame Amelisweerd

Countess van Efferen. Daughter of Jan Willem (1692-1745), Count of Efferen, and Cornelia Evardina Jeanette van Weede. Married to Hendrik van Utenhove (1715-1767), Heer van Amelisweerd.1 Married (1771) to Maximilien Henri De Saint-Simon (1720-1799), Marquis of Sandricourt

  • 1. The correct spelling seems to be Utenhove without an 'n' at the end. Heer van Amelisweerd was the son of Reinier van Utenhove and Henriette Jeanne de Cabilliau.
Life with Boswell

Boswell met Madame Amelisweerd at the assemblies and other social events during his stay at Utrecht in 1763-64. On December 8, he wrote having being told by the Countess of Nassau Beverweerd that "[Madame Amelisweerd] was married at seventeen, when one does not know the consequences; said marriage was unequal" and that "Monsieur d'Amelisweerd [was] a rough squire, but jealous of his lady, a charming little woman".