Louise von Kameke

Personal data
Louise von Brandt

Married Christian von Brandt (dsp. August 1764)1. She was, according to Boswell on the Grand Tour I, "as a young woman [a correspondent of] Voltaire, and appears to have been a friend of Madame de Wreech, who is reputed have been [King Frederick II the Great's] mistress." According to the same source, she had at least two daughters, Sophie, a lady of honour to the Prussian queen, and Frederike.

  • 1. Christian von Brandt was a cousin of the Gräfin von Camas (ca. 1685-1765), who was reputedly King Frederick II's most intimate (platonic) female friend.
Life with Boswell

Boswell waited on Louise von Brandt on August 1, 1764, having previously been presented to her at Charlottenburg. On September 13, he "went to Madame de Brandt's, where I imagined I was invited. But I had mistaken Tuesday for Thursday, and she punished me by a recital of the fine partie that she had, as it was her daughter's birthday."