John Shaw of Dunaskin

Personal data
Laird of Dunaskin

Boswell wrote about him: "Mr. Shaw, who was been a writer in Edinburgh, but has retired to the village of Dalmellington, near to which he has a tolerable interest. The country people have nicknamed him "Sir John Shaw". He is precise, starched, and proud. Wears a dark brown coat, a buff vest and black breeches; has a lank iron countenance; wears a weather-beaten scratch wig; sit erect upon his chair, and sings "Tarry Woo'" with the English accent.".1

According to "History of the Counties of Ayr & Wigton", "John Schaw of Dunassine had sasine of the muir of Laights, with coal and other mines, on a feu charter and disposition from William Logan of Camlarg, 28th April 1752.".

  • 1According to Boswell in his Journal of my Jaunt (September 15, 1762)
Life with Boswell

Boswell met Shaw at Lagwine on September 15, 1762.