John Cameron - 20th Chief of Clan Cameron

Personal data
Born 1732
Died November 10, 1762
in Edinburgh
20th Chief of Clan Cameron
7th of Lochiel

Son of Donald Cameron of Lochiel (1697-1748) and Anne Campbell (d. 1761).1 He was brought up in France, due to his family's history of Jacobite sympathies, and served for some years as a Captain in the French service.2 He unsuccessfully attempted to have the estates of Lochiel restored to the family.

Life with Boswell

It is unclear how well Boswell knew John Cameron, but he was obviously quite affected by his death in 1762. He wrote in his journal, on November 11, 1762, that "Poor Mr. Cameron of Lochiel, a genteel, pretty, worthy young man, was just dead, which affected me much, and made me join reflection with my mirth".