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Personal data
Gilbert Gordon
Born 1722
Died 1789
Collector Gordon
Gordon of Halleaths and Lochmaben

Married (1758) to Margaret Stewart. Sometime Collector of Excise in Dumfries. He also had an epistle On the Cultivation of Taste published in the first volume of Donaldson's Collection of Original Poems by Scotch Gentlemen (1761).

They had at least seven children, the youngest of which was Patricia Heron Gordon (d. 1821), who married William Maule (1771-1852), 1st Baron Panmure, on November 24, 1794.

Life with Boswell

Boswell saw a bit of Gordon and his wife at Dumfries on October 5 and 6, 1762. Boswell described him as "a lively little man of a constant flow of vivacity and not so much feeling or depth of sentiment as to render him susceptible of unhappiness, or rather misery;".