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Personal data
Gerard Vanneck
Date of birth (prefix)
Born 1745
Died 1791
2nd Baronet Vanneck

Son of Sir Joshua Vanneck (d. 1777), 1st Baronet Vanneck, of Putney,1  and Mary Anne Daubuz. He became 2nd Baronet Vanneck on the death of his father. He never married.

He was a merchant in London and an MP for Dunwich (1768-1790).

  • 1Sir Joshua Vanneck (d. 1777) was the son of Cornelius Vanneck, sometime paymaster of the land forces of the United Provinces. Sir Joshua was described, at his death, as "one of the richest merchants in Europe", source: Christie, Ian R. (1995). British 'Non-Elite' MPS, 1715-1820. p. 23
Life with Boswell

Boswell breakfasted with "Sir Joshua Vanneck's son and his Swiss governor" in Brunswick on August 11, 1764. The editors of Boswell on the Grand Tour I suggest this was Gerard Vanneck, but another possibility is his younger brother, Joshua Vanneck (1745-1816) who later became 1st Baron Huntingfield of Heveningham Hall. The younger Joshua succeeded his brother as MP for Dunwich in 1790.