David Splitgerber - banker

Personal data
Born 1741
Died 1823

Son of David Splitgerber (1683/5-1764), the founder of the banking firm Splitgerber & Daum of Berlin1 . The young Splitgerber inherited a share of the bank from his father, but apparently "took no active part in the management of the business". He eventually sold his share to the Schicklers in 1795.2

In 1765 he was named Master of Hounds to Prince Ferdinand of Prussia (1730-1813), and in 1789 he was ennobled by Friedrich Wilhelm II.3

  • 1History of the banking house Splitgerber und Daum: The banking house was founded in 1712 by David Splitgerber (1683-1764) and Gottfried Adolph Daum (1679-1743). Later on, Splitgerber's son-in-law , J. J. Schickler, became a partner in the company. By 1795 the company was owned by Schickler's two sons, David (1755-1818) and Johann Ernst (1762-1801), and it changed its name to Gebrüder Schickler. In 1910 the bank, then named Gebrüder Schickler & Co. merged with Delbrück Leo & Co, and became known as Bankhaus Delbrück Schickler & Co. In 1968 the company became known as just Delbrück & Co, and in 2002 it became a part of ABN AMRO.

    From its foundation in 1712 until the 20th century it was located on the still existing Gertraudenstrasse in central Berlin.

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  • 3The Journal of His German and Swiss Travels, 1764, p. 29
Life with Boswell

Boswell met Splitgerber (refered to as young Splitgerber) in Berlin on July 6, 1764. He described him as "a good bluff dog [who] has been three years in London." He spent the rest of the day in his company, and was "firm and gay and sound as ever".